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Accuratus Infant Optical Mouse

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The Accuratus  Infant Mouse is an optical mouse designed for small children, who love the brightly coloured buttons and the small size (around half the size of a standard mouse).  

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  • MJ - Accuratus Infant Optical Mouse - MJ

    The colour-coded buttons are ideal for children that get ‘Left Click’ and 'Right Click' muddled up because they forget their left and right - you can instead tell them to click the yellow or red button.                            

    The Junior Mouse also includes a special anti-bacterial coating called NANO ARMOUR which kills a widespread spectrum of bacteria, virus, fungi and algae; great for schools to help prevent the passing of germs.

    Key Features:

    • Small mouse fits easily into a child's hand
    • Bright and child-friendly buttons
    • Colour-coded buttons improve children's ability to use a mouse
    • Special anti-bacterial coating to prevent passing of germs

    Manufacturer's Warranty:

    Standard 12 month warranty

    Technical Specifications:

    • Windows 98 or later
    • 800dpi optical sensor
    • USB connection
    • Dimensions: (L x W x H mm) 94 x 54 x 32
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