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Butterfly Garden Refill Voucher - 5 Caterpillars

Insect Lore
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If you already have an Insect Lore Butterfly Garden, you can buy a second certificate so that you can order more caterpillars and grow more butterflies. 

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  • Please note that this product is not available for next day delivery.  

    Goods should be received in 7 working days.

    JB - Butterfly Garden Refill Voucher - 5 Caterpillars - 1020

    Once you have your certificate you can order the caterpillars online or by post. There is a no charge to cover p&p when you place your order using your certificate.  This certificate is only for use if you already have a butterfly set into which you can put the caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies.

    Please note: Caterpillars are usually only dispatched from late February - mid September. At other times it is usually too cold for them.  If you don't already own a Butterfly Garden Set, then instead of purchasing this refill voucher, you should order a Live Butterfly Garden. Watch caterpillars turn to butterflies right in front of your eyes!

    1. First, your caterpillar will eat the supplied food, growing to ten times their original size.    
    2. Next, they'll hang upside down and shed their skin to form chrysalises.    
    3. Finally, see them emerge as beautiful butterflies, completing their metamorphosis! 

    Observe them for a few days and then release them!  Refill Voucher will enable you to be sent:

    • 3-5 caterpillars    
    • Special Food in jar

    Caterpillars are dispatched by Insect Lore from late February - MID-September only, on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS.

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