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LapCabby Mini 20V

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Store and charge up to 20 netbooks, Chromebooks or tablets with the LapCabby Mini 20V

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  • LAPM20V - LapCabby Mini 20V - LAPM20V

    Delivery within 10 working days

    • Vertical storage for 20 Chromebooks or tablets (with or without cases) up to 14”, or 10 laptops up to 19”
    • Sliding shelves with colourful storage boxes for easily accessible vertical storage
    • Innovative cable management and AC adaptor pockets secured in back, preventing removal or damage
    • Tested to the highest health and safety standards and delivered fully assembled with a lifetime warranty

    Max storage area per device456mm44mm342mm

    LapCabby Mini Range 20V / 32V Other products you may like Our LapCabby Mini trolleys hold between 20 and 32 netbooks, tablets and Chromebooks, and, like all of our trolleys, they’re designed to make your life easier. 

    In your LapCabby Mini you’ll find all the usual innovative features that have made LapCabby into UK market leaders, such as programmable charging schedules and durable, colourful designs. You can find out what else you can expect from your LapCabby Mini on our features page.

    The best thing about the LapCabby Mini, though, is its versatility. Its colourful, plastic storage boxes have been specially designed to hold either two smaller devices like tablets, netbooks and Chromebooks, or one laptop. They’re just perfect if you use lots of different devices in your organisation. 

    1. Coloured boxes that each vertically store 2 Chromebooks, netbooks or tablets (with or without cases) or one laptop, and protect them in transit 

    2. Compatible with any mobile device using chargers with standard electrical plugs, including iPads, Android tablets, e-book readers, Chromebooks, netbooks and laptops 

    3. Specially designed twisting cable clips moulded on to the boxes to keep cables in place 

    4. Individual cable pockets for each laptop to store AC adaptor and excess cables 

    5. Ergonomic coloured ABS handles make LapCabbys easy to get from place to place 

    6. Extremely durable wheels - ensuring the bespoke fixing solutions can handle tough terrain for the entire lifetime of the unit. The rubber tyres absorb noise and bumps delivering quiet transit while protecting devices. Rather than a castor plate screwed on to the base of the unit we weld the fixing into the frame and on to a specially designed thick metal plate

    LapCabby Mini Range Highlights:

    • Comprehensive safety testing – to the highest worldwide standards 
    • Stores and charges 20 / 32 Chromebooks, tablets, laptops or a mix of devices 
    • Sliding shelves with colourful storage boxes for vertical storage 
    • Fully assembled for simple and rapid setup 
    • Efficient and silent air circulation 
    • Fitted with Power 7 Energy Management System 
    • Innovative cable management 
    • Small footprint (LapCabby Mini 20V) 
    • Robust construction 
    • Competitively priced with Lifetime Warranty 

    Reasons to Love LapCabby

    •  No matter the device – We have a product to sync, store and transport them. Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets, BYOD, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 - we have you covered! 
    • What you see is what you get – Our feature rich products come fully assembled and quite literally ready to roll… 
    • Built from scratch – All our components are designed and manufactured in-house. We don’t do off the shelf! 
    • Lifetime warranty – On every LapCabby purchase - we know our design and build quality is unsurpassed! 
    • Rapid delivery times – Our global network of partners spans 44 countries and all major continents - meaning no matter where you are we can get your LapCabby to you. Fast. 
    • Friendly service – Just because we operate across the globe doesn’t mean we have compromised our customer centric ethos.
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