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  • Phonics

    Booster Phonics is our most popular software title, and helps SEN pupils develop their phonics awareness, through a structured range of synthetic phonics activities.  The software is tailored to the personalised needs of each individual child, and as well as daily independent work for pupils, the software also includes precision-teaching activities, diagnostic assessment, and enables you to report on progress on an IEP. Booster Phonics is also available on 28 days' free approval.

  • Easi Speak Resources

    The Easi-Speak is a simple to use MP3 recorder, which can be used anywhere to record sounds, interviews by roving reporters, budding singing stars, sounds effects etc., and can be used to play back the sounds too! We have a large range of Easi Speak Resources for your classroom. 

  • Recordable Postcards

    We have a large range of recordable postcards that can be used within a number of different environments. These are great products and can be used for a variety of cross curricular activities. 

  • Sound Recording and Playback

    We have a large range of sound recording and playback resources. These are great resources for speaking and listening activities. These are great devices to help encourage reluctant speakers. Bright and colourful to help make the lessons in the classroom or outdoors fun and engaging. 

  • Talking Photo Albums & Books

    These resources are ideal for combining communication, language and literacy development as well as ICT. These are great for creating talking time tables, stories or for additional learning support. Simply insert drawings or photographs into the plastic wallets and record your messages it is that simple. 

  • Listening Stations & Devices

    These resources are great for children working in groups. These allow groups of children to listen to music without interruption or experience crystal clear sound at a high volume from any device with our outdoor speaker.