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Booster Phonics Software

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Booster Phonics is a software program designed specifically to help Primary and Secondary S.E.N. pupils with reading. It’s a program that these S.E.N. children could use independently every day, performing activities that are personalised to their individual needs.

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  • BPS - Booster Phonics Software - BPS

    • Uses a multi-sensory, synthetic phonics approach
    • A comprehensive assessment module identifies and records a pupil’s weaknesses, and covers over 120 specific skills
    • Children are set individual learning objectives, ensuring that learning is personalised to each pupil’s needs
    • Pupils work on their targeted independent activities every day, developing their understanding of phonic skills
    • Precision-Teaching probes, completed with an adult, help motivate pupils, and are a way of monitoring progress
    • The I.E.P. module can measure and quantify progress over time, ideal for recording achievements for an I.E.P.
    • Booster Phonics is based around synthetic phonics, and closely relates to the ‘Letters and Sounds’ publication, although it can be used in conjunction with any phonics scheme

    Personalised Objectives

    Pupils are given four objectives which are selected from a range of over 120 specific skills. All of the activities that the pupil works on independently will be based upon these objectives.

    Age Range: 6 to 16+

    Case Study

    A case study into the effectiveness of Booster Phonics was carried out during the Summer Term of 2010.  To view the results of the case study, please click here.

    28 Days Free Approval Service

    Schools can quickly order 'Booster Phonics' on approval by completing this form.

    Main Program

    To watch an overview video of the software, please click on the 'Play' button below.



    To watch an overview video of the optional assessment modules within the Booster Phonics software, please click on the 'Play' button below.


    Technical Specification

    1024x768 pixel screen resolution, 100 mb free hard disc space.

    Windows XP: 1.0GHz or higher processor, 512 mb RAM.

    Windows Vista/7//8: 2.4 GHz dual core or better processor, 2Gb RAM.

    Booster Phonics v.4 (Windows 10) will be released once final testing has been performed - final date to be advised.

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