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Chemistry Lab

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Conduct your own real chemistry experiments with the Trends Chemistry Lab. 

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  • GB - Chemistry Lab - SM20

    The Trends Chemistry Lab is a science kit that consists of a collection of safe experiments to carry out using both the chemicals and equipment. 

    The set comes with 20 assorted chemicals in plastic containers with safety caps, and 20 pieces of equipment including: spirit burner, test tubes, beakers, conical flask, adjustable safety goggles. 

    A comprehensive Chemistry Lab Instruction Booklet and CD detail 100 experiments, many of which require further chemicals and household items which are listed. 

    The Trends Chemistry Lab is perfect for science-mad boys and girls, encouraging learning and an interest in chemistry. 

    This Chemistry Lab is the ideal starter for any young scientist!

    N.B. Heating is required for some experiments using the spirit burner supplied.

    What's Included?

    • 19 chemicals
    • 4 Test tubes
    • 1 Test tube holder
    • 1 Spout brish
    • 1 Alcohol lamp
    • 3 Glass tubing
    • 1 Rubber tubing
    • 2 Measuring spoons
    • 1 100ml beaker
    • 1 Conical flask
    • 1 Stirring rod
    • 1 Safety goggles
    • 1 Funnel
    • 6 Filter papers
    • 8 Litmis papers
    • 3 Stoppers
    • Instruction book
    • 1 CD Rom

    Key Features:

    • Perfect for science-mad boys and girls
    • The ideal starter for any young scientist!
    • Over 100 Safe Experiments to carry out using both the chemicals and equipment

    Manufacturer's Warranty:

    1 Year

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