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Class ICT Pack (30 AQ KB MA)

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Looking to update your ICT Suite?  Put off by the cost?

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  • BN015 - Class ICT Pack (30 AQ KB MA) - BN015

    SAVE £350 by buying a Class ICT Suite Pack.

    30 Pack Lower and Upper Case Keyboards: Ideal for a computer suite used by both younger and older pupils

    • Lower and Upper Case Keys
    • Suitable for children of all ages
    • Bright and child-friendly
    • Standard keyboard layout
    • Colour-coded keys (numbers, letters, punctuation)

    30 Pack Infant Mini Mice - Ideal to connect as a second mouse to all PCs - to enable younger pupils to comfortably and easily access the computer.

    • Small mouse fits easily into a child's hand
    • Bright and child-friendly
    • Colour-coded buttons

    30 Pack Quality Computer Headphones - with volume control and microphone built discreetly into the cabl

    • Adjustable headphones ensure correct fit
    • Padded leather earpads improve comfort
    • Volume control and microphone built into cable
    • Supports multimedia & voice-recognition applications
    • 3.5 mm jack - compatible with all Windows PCs
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