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Lower and Upper Case Keyboard + Infant Mini Optical Mouse Bundle

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Keyboard (Upper & Lower case keys) and Infant Mouse Bundle.

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  • KB-MA - Lower and Upper Case Keyboard + Infant Mini Optical Mouse Bundle - KB + MA 

    Lower and Upper case Keyboard:

    • Lower and Upper Case Keys
    • Suitable for children of all ages
    • Bright and child-friendly
    • Standard keyboard layout
    • Colour-coded keys (numbers, letters, punctuation)
    • Ideal for young children, these keyboards show both the lower and upper case letters, to support all pupils.

    These keyboards are often used in infant classrooms, and for computer suites which are used by both younger and older children.

    Designed for Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, NT 4 and above

    Technical Specification

    • USB connection
    • Designed for Windows XP
    • Vista compatible
    • MAC OS X compatible 

    Multi-Coloured Infant Mouse

    Younger children find that a smaller computer mouse is much easier for them to control, as it fits easier into their hand.

    These specially designed infant mice come with two colour-coded buttons (red and blue). So for children that get ‘Left Click’ muddled up because they forget their left and right, you can instead tell them to click the blue button.

    Top Educational Benefits

    • Small mouse fits easily into a child's hands
    • Bright and child-friendly
    • Colour-coded buttons
    • Technical Features

    Key Features:

    • USB 
    • Innovative Scroll wheel
    • Optical mouse, so no rubber ball and mechanism to clean
    • Button life over 5,000,000 times
    • Compatible with Windows (98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista) & MAC OS X

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