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  • Bee Bot and Blue Bot

    Award winning programmable floor robot, the Bee-Bot's simple and child friendly layout is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children. Blue Bots take the Bee-Bot to another level, using Bluetooth to control the blue bot using a tablet.

  • Data Logging

    We have a small range of easy-to-use data logging equipment to use within your classroom or outdoors. These are great products that allow you to be able to measure light, temperature and sound. 

  • Pro Bot Resources

    At Wishtrac, we realise that older children may not like to use the bee bot as its too young for them. This is why we stock the bee bots big brother which is ideal for older children and you can use it for teaching more advanced control techniques. We have a small range of resources to use with your Pro Bots. 

  • Raspberry Pi Coding

    At Wishtrac we are dedicated to sourcing the most innovative technology resources, and providing them at competitive prices. Our Raspberry Pi range has been designed to give you an easy start-up to using the Pi, and provide you with compatible peripherals.

  • Scratch Coding

    Extend and consolidate children’s understanding of programming language. From simple inputs and outputs to an advanced floor robots, we have a range to engage all abilities.

  • Early Control

    We stock a wide range of computing & control resources. We have a varied range to help support children in the early stages to learn directions in a fun and engaging way whilst allowing them to use a simple form of programming at the same time.