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Personal Lightweight Stereo Headphones - Blue

Personal Lightweight Stereo Headphones - Blue

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Educators and young students alike will love this comfortable, durable, and colorful audio solution. Not only are these great fit for smaller ears, but with a midsize earpad and adjustable headband, it’s suitable for all. With a lightweight frame and padded headband and earpads, this headphone is the ultimate in listening comfort. 

  • Adjustable, padded headband to ensure comfort and correct fit
  • Compatibility across multiple platforms and devices
  • Lightweight with midsized earpads
  • Vinyl earpads Comfortable and Easy to Clean
  • Six-foot cord allows for large range of motion
  • Chew Resistant Braided Cord with Velcro Tie
  • 3.5mm jack connection
  • Standard 12 month Manufacturers Warranty
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This model of headphones does not have a microphone built in.  It has a single 3.5mm jack (as pictured), and will connect to any device with a 3.5mm audio socket, such as a tablet, chromebook, laptop or PC.

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