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Children's Volume Limiting Classroom Headphones - Black

Children's Volume Limiting Classroom Headphones - Black

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These headphones are designed with younger listeners in mind. The built-in volume limiter keeps hearing protected and the in-line hands-free microphone and enclosed splitter cable also makes them suitable to use as a headset for PC's and laptops. 

The special 4-Pole connection  will allow you to plug these headphones into any Smart Phone or Tablet Device, and use your in-line microphone to record sound/speech, whilst still being able to listen through the headphones - all through the one connection.  The enclosed adaptor enables you to use the headphones with any standard computer, with both a Microphone and Headphone socket.

  • 4-Pole Connection - can be used with tablets
  • Leatherette ear cushions ensure comfort and safety
  • Soft adjustable headband and cushioned earcups provide comfort and support  
  • In-line microphone and hands-free control 
  • Built-in volume limiter to 90dB maximum output - This protects your children's ears from loud, potentially damaging sounds, without needing to constantly check how loud their headsets are, as they can never go too loud. 
  • Very robust, hard to break design
  • Reinforced, straight cable
  • Supplied with headphone/microphone splitter cable for PC/Laptop connection
  • Cable  :  1.2m straight cable
  • Standard 12 month Manufacturers Warranty


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3.5mm connection


This model of headphones is designed for tablets and Chromebooks with a single 3.5mm socket that works for both the audio and the microphone.  The headphones have one 3.5mm jack (known as a 4 Pole jack – as pictured) so is ideal for such devices.

4pole to 2 x 3.5mm connection adapter

Want to use these with PC or Laptop?

You usually would need to purchase an adapter to split the single jack on the headphones to 2 x 3.5mm jacks (audio and mic). However these headphones include this adapter already making them an ideal all round classroom headphones. 

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