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Laptop and Netbook Trolleys

Laptop trolleys are mobile laptop cabinets, which are manufactured to the highest standards and build quality. As portable storage, these sturdy and secure cabinets on wheels are the ideal trolleys for schools, colleges, universities as well as any other establishments where multiple laptops or notebooks are in use and require a secure, centralised yet mobile storage and charging facility. At Wishtrac we offer over 100 different laptop and notebook trolleys from a range of market-leading manufacturers. Try our online configurator to identify the trolley that suits your needs


You will find a wide range of literacy teaching resources that are ideal for your classroom, which have been tried and tested by children and teachers alike.  If you're looking for some great school literacy products, our Speaking and Listening range is a good place to start.  If you've got any pupils who need help with their reading or spelling, it's likely you'll find what they need in our Literacy Software category.


We love maths, and so stock a wide range of maths resources and we're passionate about providing quality maths for schools.  We have a varied selection of maths products, fromCalculators and Data Logging to Programmable Floor Robots (including the Bee-Bot)!


We stock a range of S.E.N. resources, including a wide selection of Speaking and Listening products ideal for engaging and inspiring S.E.N. learners.  Our other special needs resources include Keyboards & Mice and S.E.N. Software, including our proven Booster Phonics software designed specifically to improve the reading development of S.E.N. learners.


At Wishtrac we have carefully researched a wide range of school headphones and headphones for kids.  This has involved testing equipment both in the office and in schools, to ensure that the headphones we sell are durable, as well as popular, within schools.  As well as offering very competitive pricing for long-lasting, high-quality headphones, all of our headphones also come with a full twelve month guarantee.

Bulk-Purchase Discounts

At Wishtrac, we recognise that schools have many pressures on their budgets, so we've included a discount when you buy many of our headphones in quantities of five or more.   And for our most popular products, we've included even larger discounts when you buy a 'Class Pack of 30', to help your budgets go further

Keyboards and Mice

AS ICT is such an important part of education these days, we have sourced a range of keyboards and mice which are suitable for all school pupils.  And to help your school budget go further, we've included substantial discounts when you buy five or more of many of our most popular products


Having worked extensively in schools, we have sourced a range of quality ICT teaching resources which are ideal for today's busy classrooms.  Our schools ICT equipment enables classrooms to contain visualisers, and for pupils to use robust, quality digital video and audio equipment, at realistic prices.


Our range of HoverCam visualisers are state of the art visualisers that deliver the best imagery and user-experience possible.  With the Solo 8 Plus offering Ultra HD output, the Ultra 8 Visualiser able to connect directly to a display via HDMI or VGA, and the cost-effective Z5 unit providing a superior entry level visualiser for budget-conscious schools.

Audio and Visual

Our full range of sound recorders, CD Players, cameras and visualisers, as well as a huge range of other audio and visual products for your school. Display childrens work at the front of the classroom for enhanced peer assessment and sharing work ideas.


We develop and sell a range of educational software, and we specialise in school software which we believe can help teachers and pupils in the classroom.  Our own software, developed in house, is available on 28 days' free approval so you can see if it's suitable for your needs before committing to a purchase.


For Geography, the Llandudno CD ROM (and accompanying poster and photo packs) are ideal for teaching a unit of work on a contrasting UK locality.  The software includes fully differentiated lesson plans, and all lessons fully embed the use of ICT.  Llandudno is available on 28 days' free approval.

Science and Technology

We stock a wide range of science teaching resources that are ideal for your classroom, having been tried and tested by children and teachers alike.  If you're looking for some great science resources, we've got plenty of options for you.  Whether it's Data Logging, Living Things or Design Technology, we've got the best products that we could find.