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Infant Mini Optical Mouse Yellow

Infant Mini Optical Mouse Yellow

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The colour-coded buttons help kids to press the correct (blue) button each time. The Infant Mini Mouse is ideal for any child using a computer or laptop - from toddler upwards. These small mice are found in many Pre-schools, Nurseries, Children's Centres, Foundation classrooms and Primary schools. Kids love these computer mice - so your child or children will too! 

  • Small mouse fits easily into a child's hand
  • Bright and child-friendly
  • Colour-coded buttons improve children's ability to use a mouse

"Press the blue button" is much easier for a young child to understand than "Left-Click"

Younger children find that a smaller computer mouse is much easier for them to control, as it fits easier into their hand.

These specially designed infant mice come with two colour-coded buttons (red and blue).  So for children that get ‘Left Click’ muddled up because they forget their left and right, you can instead tell them to click the blue button.  These mice are without doubt a kids' favourite!

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