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Classroom Headphones With Boom Mic - Black and Silver

Classroom Headphones With Boom Mic - Black and Silver

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These classroom headphones are double award winners and are a favourite for teaching, testing, remote work and more. Whether you're in back to back video calls all day at the office or connecting students to online resources, you'll appreciate all the extra bells and whistles on this headset. Thoughtful additions like a bidirectional microphones and padded, tilting earpieces offer exceptional comfort, a tailored fit and superior noise-reduction. This award winner shines in learning settings, where focus and all day comfort are top priorities. 

  • Adjustable headband to ensure correct fit
  • Bidirectional Noise Cancelling Boom Microphone
  • Only Model with an ambidextrous mic that rotates 270 degrees for custom fit
  • Noise-Reducing Tilting Ear Pieces
  • Durable and Dependable 
  • Vinyl earpads Comfortable and Easy to Clean
  • Six-foot cord allows for large range of motion
  • Chew Resistant Braided Cord with Velcro Tie
  • Standard 12 month Manufacturers Warranty
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3.5mm connection


This model of headphones is designed for tablets and Chromebooks with a single 3.5mm socket that works for both the audio and the microphone.  The headphones have one 3.5mm jack (known as a 4 Pole jack – as pictured) so is ideal for such devices.

4pole to 2 x 3.5mm connection adapter

Want to use these with PC or Laptop?

If you also want to use these headphones with laptops or PCs (which have 2 separate 3.5mm sockets – one for audio and one for microphone)  then the audio would work fine if plugged in.  However, if you also want to use the microphone, then you usually would need to purchase an adapter to split the single jack on the headphones to 2 x 3.5mm jacks (audio and mic). 

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